17 Tweets From Receptionists Who Would Like To Put You On Hold Forever

There are a lot of sucky jobs, but working as a receptionist is unique because you’re sort of at the center of everyone else’s sucky job. You’re answering phones for people with annoying jobs, and on the other line is someone who probably has a lousy job, too. It’s easy to become a hub of negativity who is constantly having to deal with everyone else’s moods, needs, and general confusion.

There isn’t much justice for the receptionist, but they do hopefully at least have access to Twitter. Right now, front desk jockeys are airing their grievances with the hashtag #ReceptionistProblems. They do have a lot of problems! Even if you’ve never been a receptionist, you’ve probably had some sort of job where everyone’s petty problems became your work emergencies. Revel in the memories below and remember to say “thank you” the next time someone helps you on the phone.

17. Hello, It’s Hell

16. Therapy At Minimum Wage

15. Getting Your Cardio

14. Special Skills: Mind Reading

13. They Let You Go Home?

12. Not In Your Job Description

11. When A Harry Potter Character Calls

10. For Folks Who’ve Never Made A Doctor’s Appointment

9. A Constant Case Of The Mondays

8. A Taste Of Your Own Medicine