“Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos” Shows Off All The Pics Realtors Shouldn’t (35 Pics)

11. “Large, flat side yard is perfect for your obese inflatable children.”

12. “Off-street parking.”

13. “This one raises a couple of quite urgent questions: Where did they go, and are they still in the house?”

14.  “This year, why not take some time to consider the unquestionable futility of existence?”

15. ” The isolationist equivalent of a welcome mat.”

16. “I love exercise. I could lay in bed and watch it all day.”

17. “Home is where the heart huge inflatable penis is.”

18. “As he listened to them driving away, George realised it wasn’t a real game of hide and seek.”

19. “Property comes complete with a frisky middle-aged woman and half a bottle of Chardonnay.”

20. “The sun will set, and the demons of the night will rise.  Until then, the vacuum cleaner sleeps a dreamless sleep.”