A Professor Shared A Student’s Worst Nightmare Come To Life

If you’re a student in a rush to meet a paper deadline, please read this cautionary tale. Save yourself some time to double-check everything, cross your Ts, dot you Is, and make sure any weird insults you’ve randomly thrown into the text have been deleted. You’ll thank yourself for it later when you don’t have to send a desperately apologetic email.

A professor named John Hendel tweeted about a common mistake he sees form students—name misspellings. Sure, people make mistakes, and when Hendel received an email from a student saying they’d made an error with his name on their paper, he shrugged it off. Until he read exactly what it said. The paper was directed to “professor whats his nuts.”

The student, Zoey Oxley, didn’t seem mad about being called out on Twitter. In fact, she further outed herself with the paper trail, sharing the emails and screenshots of the exchange:

Her submission:


The offending materials:


Her email trying to explain what happened:


A series of unfortunate events indeed! Except her error has been traded in for Internet points, so she’s at least getting some viral fame. That’s fame with an F, which is probably the grade Hendel gave her on this paper. He probably had fun tweeting this story out, but will he ever get his real name back now?

But his loss is our gain. Professor Hendel’s mentions are ruined for him, but for us they’re a treasure trove of terrible student mistakes we can laugh at:

Like so many things, it’s funny until it’s you!! Double, triple, and quadruple-check, especially during finals. No one can be trusted during that hellish time of year.