People Are Loving This Guy’s Super Wholesome And Positive Pornhub Channel

CollegeHumor comic and writer Ryan Creamer has gone viral on Pornhub—though it’s not what you think.

The 26-year-old started a channel several months ago where he began uploading videos of himself, fully clothed, performing super wholesome acts. The videos are titled things like “I Do The Dishes Without Being Asked,” “I Give You My Jacket Because You Are Cold,” “I Blow You A Platonic Kiss,” and “I Deliver You a Pizza and Don’t Put My Weiner in It.”

Creamer told BuzzFeed News that he has been uploading the videos for his own amusement and hoped users on the site “could stumble upon his videos as a break and a departure from the usual content.”

His first-ever video—”I Tuck You in After You Have Cum”—is as loving and wholesome as it sounds.


“It was not really preplanned. I had an idea for the first video…that was the only idea that I had,” he told the publication. “Within a couple days, it got big on Reddit.” He’s also been receiving kind messages from users telling him they find his videos to be “super supportive.”

“I get a lot of messages being like, ‘hey, this just made me feel good,'” he said.

The more videos he uploaded, the more people began subscribing and tuning in. Greatest hits include “I Encourage You As You Continue Searching For The Right Video to Cum To,” “I, Your Step Brother, Decline Your Advances but Am Flattered Nonetheless,” “POV FOREHEAD KISS COMPILATION,” and “I Ride in a Taxi and Don’t Have Sex With the Driver.”

Since his channel began to go viral, sex industry workers and porn stars have reached out to him with supportive messages. “Every person who works in the porn and sex industry has been kind to me, which is really, really cool,” he said. “Two days ago a guy on Twitter was like, ‘Hey Sex Twitter, I want you to meet Ryan,’ and tagged my handle.”

“It can come across like I’m making fun of sex workers, but everyone who is in this industry has been so, so nice. That’s made me feel really good,” he said.

He told BuzzFeed News that it wasn’t his intention to blow up the way he did. “To be honest, there hasn’t been a huge strategy behind it. I didn’t think it would have this kind of response,” he said. “It’s a duo feeling, like I am hoping it leads to opportunities, but additionally, it’s making people feel good.”

h/t BuzzFeed News