This Guy’s Phone Freak Out Has Become The Most Relatable Meme Of The Summer

A man caught on video having a total meltdown has become the new meme to express all our angriest emotions. Twitter user @vitaminDiddy videotaped his friend screaming at someone on the phone, capturing the exact moment he appeared to be yelling, “What the FAWK are you talking about?!”  I mean, I’m not a lip reader, but it’s pretty clear and also conveyed via body language. You don’t cross your arms like that unless you’ve just cursed.

It’s hard to know exactly who this guy is talking to, but @vitaminDiddy jokes he’s talking to his girlfriend. I’ve definitely screamed into the phone like that in my life, but I was talking to my mom. Sorry, mom, if you read this. Seeing it from the outside, it looks bad…but also extremely relatable. The people you love drive you absolutely bananas, and before you know it you’re yelling in a stairwell, staring blindly into the streets of Bushwick.

People could really feel this guy’s pain and frustration:

Some said they’ve had the exact same experience, even though they say they won’t ever again:

Though others relate more to the person on the other end of the line. We’ve all frustrated somebody like this at some point:

The video was turned into a gif and then a meme almost immediately. Not everyone is seeing this conversation as romantic, or about gender roles. Sometimes you’d be surprised by who will make you feel like tearing your hair out. Like UPS, I’ve definitely lost my mind about UPS:

Any kind of customer service representative can drive you to the brink of madness in a heartbeat:

And for sure anyone you owe money to:

Ordinarily, I feel a bit weird about people being filmed and memed without their knowledge, but the guy in the video is on board with this exposure:

He claims this staircase rage is completely out of character:

ON the one hand, I believe anyone could lose it at some point under the right conditions. On the other hand, how did your buddy know to film you?