Pet Owners Outraged To Learn That PetSmart Does Not Allow Pit Bulls In Puppy Play Group Events

If you’re a dog owner and you own a pit bull, you know firsthand that your breed gets a bad reputation. For one, pit bulls are not all aggressive, fighting dogs. In fact, most of them aren’t. It’s all about how you raise your dogs that matters. I, for one, own a pit bull and she is the sweetest, kindest, gentlest soul I’ve ever come across. I have friends who own 10-pound dogs, miniature whatever, and their dogs are 10x as aggressive as my pitty. In fact, one of my friend’s dogs bit my 3-year-old nephew, unprovoked, while my pit bull has never pit one person in all the time we’ve had her—just saying.

However, pit bull owners know that regardless of how sweet and loving our pups are—once someone sees it’s a pit bull, they automatically get scared and nervous. It’s a load of crap if you ask me personally. And, I’m not alone in feeling this way.

Recently, Facebook user Jasmine Marzini posted two separate direct messages to two different pet store franchises to see if they would allow pit bulls in their puppy play events. One of the two companies actually does not allow pit bulls present when they host these events—can you believe that? Marzini asked the same question to both PetCo and PetSmart to see how they would respond.

PetSmart started off by saying that they allow pit bulls to come to their hotels, their grooming services, and other private amenities—however, they do not allow pit bulls in their off-leash social classes or their Doggie Day Camps. Their reasoning? “To protect their associates and other pets.”

Marzini decided to ask the same question to PetCo to see if they would have a different response. And, they did. Petco said that they allow all breeds to come to their events—and they do not discriminate against any breed in particular.

People who saw Marzini’s post began to share their own thoughts and feeling on the matter—which, led to many sharing photos of their “vicious pits.”

Obviously, not all pit bulls are vicious and not all owners train them to be that way, either. It’s time that people stop discriminating against pits because some people use them as fighting dogs. It’s clear that families who do bring them into PetSmart or Petco to socialize are not the kind of people who will be training them to fight and attack.

I mean…look at my Indiana—does this look like a vicious dog to you?

I rest my case.

h/t: Facebook.