This Artist’s Descriptions Of Various Dog Breeds Will Have You Saying ‘That’s My Dog’

Anyone who’s spent a good amount of time around dogs knows each breed has a distinct personality. Not only that, once you meet enough of them you start to see a pattern. To me, no one explains this better than artist Grace Gogarty, who you may know on Tumblr and Instagram as Little Tunny.

Grace does a fantastic job of hitting the nail right on the head with her hilariously accurate drawings and insights into specific breeds.

Grace Gogarty / Via Instagram: @


My favorite drawing, and also my favorite dogs, is this one distinguishing the differences between Yellow, Chocolate, and Black.


Grace Gogarty / Via Instagram: @

I’ve never related so much to a black lab in my life.

Pit Bulls

She really nailed the ears too.

Grace Gogarty / Via Instagram: @

Small Breeds

She also covered some small dogs. This description covers most of them.

Grace Gogarty / Via Instagram: @

Large Breeds

These big ol’ softies get bad publicity.

Grace Gogarty / Via Instagram: @

The Husky

I can’t say this enough. I know Huskies are gorgeous dogs, but unless you’re will to commit to running them for several hours a day, please do not buy one and keep it locked up in your 600 square foot apartment.

Grace Gogarty / Via Instagram: @

German Shepherd

I love German Shepherds, but this is just plain true.

Grace Gogarty / Via Instagram: @

If you’re a dog lover, I can’t recommend enough that you go check out Gogarty’s work. Here’s a delightful diagram of her own dog to send you off.

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