People Are Dragging The Bros Who Make These “Period Gloves” For Women

We live in a time of some pretty pointlessly gendered products.

Take, for example, these bibs…

And these binoculars, because everyone knows different genders have different needs when it comes to looking at birds from a distance…

But in the world of products made for certain genders, there’s a definite pushback against men being in charge of products made for women.

Which makes sense, right? Stick to what you know, dudes.

Two German entrepreneurial are getting dragged all over social for their latest invention, a pair of “Period Gloves” designed to help women discreetly dispose of used tampons and sanitary pads.

Because if anyone knows how to deal with female hygiene, it’s men.

The pink plastic disposable gloves, dubbed Pinky Gloves, were selling for $14 a pack through the company’s website.

Pinky Gloves inventors, Andre Rittersweurden and Eugen Raimkulow, appeared on the German version of Shark Tank, where they pitched their now-infamous invention to investors. More surprisingly, the duo actually got an investment offer from one of the show’s investors.

On the show, Rittersweurden stated the two entrepreneurs understand women because they were both married who lived with their wives.

According to a now-deleted Pinky Gloves Instagram post, the company’s goal was to “put pink in every woman’s purse” and help women remove tampons without ever getting blood on their hands.

After its social media bashing, the company issued a statement saying they realized they had not “fully taken on board the different vies on the subject.”

The company has since deleted all of its Instagram posts and has disbanded the company. So no, we won’t be seeing a brown or yellow glove variation of the failed product any time soon.

Jennifer Gunter, a gynecologist, and author of The Vagina Bible was a catalyst in starting the Pinky Glove hate bandwagon which inevitably led to the company’s not surprising demise.

Here is some of the backlash that was thrown their way. The rest is history… period.