30 People Confess The Most Disgusting Thing An Ex Has Done To Them After A Break Up

Ending relationships can be a pretty messy business. When two people are in love with each other and decide to part–it can go two ways; good or bad.
When one person decides to end a relationship and the other is blindsided, things can take a turn for the messy. Let’s face it–when we’re hurt, we do some pretty stupid things. One Reddit user asked people to share the most disgusting thing an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend has ever done to them after they broke up and it’ll make you happy you’ve never dated these people before–trust me.


My ex took everything out of our house. Everything. All that was left was my son’s bed and his tv. She took our bed, couches, tables, refrigerator, food from the cupboards, dishes, even the trash bags!



Tried to justify her cheating with a co-worker because married life w/ 2 kids is boring. She showed up at my job to explain it.



I had an ex that called the police on me while I was on a date with someone else. This was several months after we had stopped seeing each other and she called the police telling them I had a gun at the restaurant we were having dinner at. That was a fun time.



Sent me a video of her and her new bf fucking.



She told a ton of people I died in a car crash. Which was really funny when people started calling her out on it.



She convinced me she was pregnant. Wasn’t.

Did give birth to a baby about 18 months later.

I triple checked the math.



When my crazy ex gf was moving out she came in one day and took the shower curtain. I had to go to the store and get a new one that night. The next day she came back to get the rest of her stuff and this time she took the shower curtain rings. Psycho bitch.



Pretended to kill herself. She texted me pretending to be her mom and told me that she had done it. It was horrible.



Mine called her entire family to tell them she was breaking up with me. Invites them over, and then with the whole family there breaks up wth me. It was like being the second runner up on a singing show. You think your about to get some big news that will change your life… then you do.. except the other way around… and in front of a live studio audience.



Accused me of stalking him, breaking into his house, and trying to murder him. He says he has it on security footage. I’d be very surprised if he did because I was in a completely different state. He threatened to call the cops and sue me. Never happened. I don’t talk to him any more.



She sent nude pictures of me to my family members, friends, and co-workers.

I was 25 and in good shape back then so I wasn’t embarrassed at all. Everyone had a good attitude about, I ended up with a lot of compliments, even from my boss.

It didn’t work out the way she thought it would.



He broke into my house, twice. The first time I was home, but he regretted breaking in and snuck out before I found out he was in the house. The second time, his friends got him out of my house before I got home. He then refused to get in the car with them after they got him out of my house and he began wandering around my neighborhood. My neighbors ended up calling the cops on him because ironically enough, “he had a crazy look in his eye.”

We’ve been broken up for over a year and have had no communication. I just learned this week him and his new girlfriend tried to jump me a couple months ago from our mutual friends.



Lied and said he killed a homeless man in order to make me sympathize with him that he was so mentally hurt by the break up.



Refuse to give back pictures from my moms funeral. It was the first time my Family had been together in more than a decade. And my mom was fucking dead. Terrible gf



He read all my diaries and burned them. I had left them in our storage locker. For months and months I was freaking out because I couldn’t find my 20 years worth of writing. I got a picture of a fire pit and text after text of stuff I had done and written about.



Backstory My dad came to me about 2 years ago and admitted that my mother had cheated on him. He didn’t know who to talk about it with, so he told me (I was about 20 years old back then). My parents were the perfect couple to me, so you can imagine how devastating this was to me. To make it worse, my dad told me I couldn’t tell anyone because he promised my mother I would never find out. After a few days of thinking it over, I told my boyfriend about it just because I needed to let it out. He listened and was there for me like most boyfriends would.

*Fast forward 1.5 yrs *After many months of fighting, my boyfriend (now ex) came home one Friday afternoon and told me he loved me but he wanted to end it. I spent the whole afternoon crying because I was absolutely devastated. Though we had been suffering for months, I loved him so much and I took the breakup extremely hard.

My cousin found out what happened and encouraged me to go out that night to get my mind off of things. Our friend was throwing a huge party at his house with all of our friends, so I thought it was a great opportunity to cheer up.

I get to the party and I was surprisingly having fun. I was drinking, laughing, and overall having a good time. Around 3 AM I get a call from my b.f. who asked in a stern and demanding tone: “are you planning on coming home anytime soon?”

I had two choices, either run back to him after he so clearly changed his mind about the breakup, or I could stand my ground and show him that I won’t just go back to him the second he changes his mind. I spoke into the phone and said “No, it’s none of your business”.

He then said “If you don’t come home right now, you’re going to regret it.”

I hung up and turned off my phone.

About an hour later (4AM or so) I decide to turn my phone on to see what’s going on. The second I turn it on, I see about 45 missed calls from my mom and 10 voicemails.

My mom was screaming over the phone in panic. Her and my father were on their way to my apartment. I couldn’t understand why.

Apparently my ex had called them and told them that I was out at a night club doing cocaine with all my friends, who are all drug addicts.

Oh, he also proceeded to tell my poor mother that he and I both knew that she had cheated on my dad some time ago, called her a filthy whore, and told her that my father is an idiot for staying with her.

I calmed my mother down and told her I was safe at my friends house and that I would not go back to our apartment tonight.

Around 5 am I head back to my apartment because my ex sounded like he was going absolutely insane. I went back with my cousin and two friends, all of them guys.

My cousin opens the front door and sees my ex standing in the middle of the living room holding a large kitchen knife. He had completely stabbed and destroyed my sofa, smashed my television, slashed all my curtains and beautiful paintings, smashed my picture frames and all my artwork, and lastly, he took the knife and carved “SLUT” on my living room wall.

We all immediately left and called the police. Safe to say I have commitment issues now.



After I blocked his number, he bought about 100 prepaid SIM cards so he could try to contact me (i kept blocking every single one of them). Every week he would sit in his car at night and watch my house. This went on for about 4 years,even after he got married and had a daughter.



Broke into my house several times and punched my best friend. Pissed all over my new guys car. Constantly called me and the relationship before was really bad. He tried to kill me when I was about to leave to be induced to give birth. I had security outside my door, my phone was removed and I had a password for people who tried to call to check on me because I was alone except for my best friend.



She spread the rumor that I use to beat her. Sad thing is, people believed her.



He killed my fish by dumping dish soap in my fish tank. It was a bubbly smelly mess.

Also, he broke all my jewelry and punched several holes in the wall that same day. I was more upset about the fish, though, because who the fuck does that?



Told me she had cancer to make me feel bad. She did not have cancer.



Beat me and threw my cat against a wall. Not the first time he hit me, but the first time he hurt my cat. I called the cops from the gas station on the corner. Was fucking awful. Cat was ok.



Showed up at my new girlfriends door with a pair of my underwear in a baggie and said “He left these at my place”.



So, my ex was deaf. She moved in with me when we were still teenagers because her mom kicked her out.

Well, I ended up getting tired of her (I know what an asshole, I have my own issues) and told her we had to break up. Obviously I let her stay there until she found somewhere to go though.

Well one day she was like you want me to make you some food? And I, not expecting to die from it, was like yeah sounds good. She put her ear medicine in the food and poisoned me and rolled out.

I spent 2 weeks or so bedridden and legit thought I was going to die. The craziest part is she was super normal before that happened. Like. She was clingy but that’s not a big deal. I actually like that in girls since I’m so insecure already.



Took a knife and tried to cut off a 1/3 of a mattress I owned because she had put a few dollars towards it when we purchased it.



He punched me in the face and told me if I left, he would hurt my two year old son. I called the cops on him and told him if he touched my son, he won’t have hands. He’s currently in jail and not allowed to come near me or my son when he gets out. No one fucks with mama bear.



Cut off his long hair and left it tied to a bouquet of flowers on my front door.



Broke up with me the day after my dad died then proceeded to tell me. That she’s been cheating on me with her ex who cheated on her for the past 3 years. Same ex who cheated on her with her best friend. Then goes and dates him only to get cheated on again in 3 days and have the nerve to try and come back to me.



The Tyra Banks Show call me and ask if I wanted to come onto the show and make things up with a girl that I had broken up with 4 months prior. They would fly me out for the viewing all expenses paid. I said nope and hung up.



Made up a new boyfriend. Even fabricated a trip they took together, detailed dates and places they went. Turns out the guy didn’t actually exist.