People Are Turning The Latest ‘Avengers Fallen’ Poster Into A Meme To Mourn Their Favorite Characters

This week, the Avengers series dropped the official posters for the latest addition to their franchise, Avengers Endgame. The two-part poster series features all of our favorites who appeared in the Avengers world—those still alive and those who have died. Those who are in color are the ones who are still alive, and those in black-and-white are those who we have said goodbye to.



Many people online were shocked by some of the deaths—as some appeared off-screen. For example, Shuri apparently died in the Snapture—off-screen—and fans lost their mind once the trailer dropped.

Now, people on Twitter have decided to replicate the movie posters to mourn other characters they have lost in other movies and TV shows—ones that they so humbly and truly miss. Some even used people who have lost in real life, as well.

Hillary Clinton

Little Sebastian

Bob Newby

Lexi Grey and Mark Sloan

Our beloved Starks

Jack Pearson



Jackson Maine



2007 Britney Spears

And, of course, Stan Lee himself.

h/t: Someecards.