People Are Slamming Plus-Size Model Tess Holiday’s Cosmo Cover For ‘Promoting Obesity’

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Tess Holiday is a plus-size model that is well known in the industry for promoting body positivity for bigger women. With 1.6 million Instagram followers, the mother of two has created a huge followed for bigger women who need a reminder that they too are beautiful.

Recently, Holiday landed her very first Cosmopolitan Magazine cover for Cosmo UK. Excited to finally be on the cover of Cosmo, Holiday shared the cover photo all over social media, thanking them for the opportunity to promote body positivity and spread a message of good energy to women of all shapes and sizes.

While Holiday has a lot of adoring fans who appreciate her honesty, her confidence, and her ability to change perspective in a very cut-throat industry, there were others who were not as supportive. Many took to social media to question the choice of putting Holiday on a cover and “promoting obesity.” Many on social media commented on her BMI, her weight, and her decision to promote such an “unhealthy lifestyle.”

Holiday has not responded to any of the accusations that her cover was a bad decision and a bad influence on women–but, seeing her other posts from the past, she seems doesn’t think it’s anyone’s business whether or not she sees a doctor and any of that personal information.