People Are Outraged Over This ‘Sexist’ Viral Photo Of A Little Boy And Girl In Scrubs

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People on Twitter are outraged over a viral photo of two children for being offensive and sexist.

Twitter account Medical Shots, which tweets out health-related images and videos, posted a picture recently of a little boy and girl in scrubs. The boy is dressed in green with the words “Doctor in Training” printed on his back, whereas the girl dons all pink, the back of her shirt reading “Nurse in Training.”

“This is cute, isn’t it?” reads the caption on the image. The internet responded with a resounding “not at all,” questioning why the girl had to be the nurse and not the doctor, and arguing that gendered stereotypes imposed at such a young age contribute to institutionalized sexism.

One Twitter user “fixed” the photo so that the backs of both children read “health professional in training.”

While another desaturated it of all color, rendering the pinkand green of the scrubs indescernable.

“No, it’s sexist,” wrote Julietta LaBlanc. “You are forcing a ceiling on this young lady’s dreams. You are telling her: You can be a nurse and boys can be Doctors. Stay in your lane.”

A few male nurses “nope’d” out of there real quick.

Other Twitter users vented their frustration with an onslaught of gifs and memes.

In conclusion: Kids are cute. Promoting gender stereotypes is not.

h/t Twitter