Parents Sold 18-Day-Old Daughter to Buy an iPhone, Had “No Idea It Is Illegal”

A couple from China decided it would be a wonderful idea to sell their newborn baby on the internet and use the money to buy a new iPhone and motorbike before the police tracked them down.

It’s being reported that the 19-year old father and the mother, whose age was not disclosed because she was underage, decided to sell their daughter online and started looking for a potential buyer on Chinese messaging app QQ.

They easily found a buyer who said he wanted to purchase the little girl for his sister. The father and the online buyer met and completed the transaction, with the young couple planning to purchase several items, including an iPhone and a motorcycle.

Chinese police managed to track down the young couple and arrested both the mother and the father to bring them in court. The judge sentenced the father to 3 years in jail while the mother received a two and half years suspended prison sentence because she hasn’t completed her studies.

Furthermore, the police claim that the father sold the baby without the mother’s consent. And yet, she wasn’t really affected that she lost her baby girl.


Nathan Davidson

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