Parents Are Conflicted Over This Graphic Sex Education Book For Children

There comes a time in every kid’s life where their parents sit them down for “the talk.” Some call it the birds and the bees, others refer to it as the most awkward conversation you have to have with your child.

Regardless, there is no easy way to tell your kid about where babies come from. It’s also important to do “the talk” at an appropriate age. Usually, parents wait until their children are at least young adults before explaining sex. Others, –it’s really based no how you wish to parent your children.

One Facebook user, however, was browsing a K-Mart in Australia when she stumbled upon a pretty graphic book in the kid’s section–all about how babies are made.


Not only does the book go into pretty graphic details–like:

“The man pushes his penis up and down inside the woman, which gives them both a tingly, excited, very loving feeling.”


But, there are also graphic images of people having sex. Also, more graphic details about erections, and female arousal.


After the Facebook user shared the photos on Facebook, a lot of parents were responding–pretty outraged–that this would be on shelves for kids to have access to. I definitely don’t think I would be ready to tell my kids about sexual intercourse in those amount of details at such a young age.

Okaaaaayyyy…can someone please tell me why the hell is this sold in Kmart Australia under the kids section? Look at the photos and the words!! Wtffffff???! ?Thank you NJ

Posted by Auburn 2144 on Saturday, April 21, 2018

Many parents thought that the book was inappropriate for children and shouldn’t be on shelves “that can be easily accessed by a child.” But, there were others who believe that this is the proper way to teach children about sex, pregnancy, and other “hard to talk about” issues. Some parents commented on the post explaining that this book is more for “parents who don’t know how to approach the talk.” Others claimed it does a better job teaching sex ed than most schools.

Personal opinion? I think it’s appropriate for teenagers who don’t understand sex just yet–when they reach the age of taking sex ed in school/health class. For a kid who is younger? Probably a bit much. But hey, everyone can parent the way in which they choose–no shame there.