Mom Writes Open Letter To Man Who Shamed Her For Traveling With A Child

Traveling isn’t always easy. Planes, especially, are a hassle—yes, they take us enormous distances in a relatively short amount of time, but they’re also boring and stuffy.  And that’s just traveling alone. Imagine traveling with a child or two, and you can see how things get exponentially more difficult.

Not everybody has goodwill for the mom traveling alone with her kids. There’s a lot of mom-shaming happening, from the minute someone sees a baby or toddler on a plane, they’re just waiting for the inevitable crying to start, and when it inevitably does, people glare at the moms for somehow not having complete control over this little wriggling, squirmy human who cannot be reasoned with.

That’s exactly what happened to this mom who posted an open letter on Facebook’s Momstrosity group. She was traveling with her toddler when she had the ill-fortune of sitting behind a man who was already in a bad mood about the fact that she had a child with her at all (seems more than a tad unreasonable, no?).

To the Gentleman on Flight 1451,I first noticed you when you sighed loudly as you laid eyes on me and my toddler…

Posted by Momstrosity on Sunday, February 3, 2019

The man in the seat in front of her started to get huffy while her child was still in a happy mood. Great.

People on Facebook were really feeling this mom’s post and they let her know so in the comments.

People should honestly try to have more compassion for parents traveling with children. They’re doing their best.

h/t: Someecards