NY Rat dies in freak accident just as her Broadway career was flourishing

An ‘American Tail’ sadder than that movie (actually I never saw it and I’m honestly too lazy to Google if that really is the case) or possibly even the Cinematic classic Showgirls, a New York City Rat named Rose died four days after her broadway debut.

Just four days after making her Broadway debut, Rose was fatally injured when a metal door on one of the shelves she was playing on came off its hinges and landed on her, the New York Timesreports.

“It was just a horrible freak accident,” said trainer Lydia DesRoche, who noted that Rose was just coming into her own on the stage.

Rose’s short life was a real rat rags to rat riches story.

She was one of hundreds of albino rats that were dumped on the West Side Highway near 57th Street last summer, a still unexplained event and a strange one given albino rats popularity as pets, reptile food and lab subjects.

The city attempted to poison the rats, but over 500 were saved by rescuers, and Rose ended up adopted by the trainer.

“She was always on those shelves,” Ms DesRoche said. “She would run up and down them and dangle from them. She’s just a feisty, agile, fearless precocious rat, and she loved adventure.”

It’s basically the way the sicko’s of the world wished Ratatouille would’ve ended.