If You Recognize More Than 15/30 Of These Pictures, Sorry But, Ya Old

16. Before the phone told us where to go, someone in the passenger seat had to navigate.

17. Recognize these solitaire cards? You are closer to death than birth.

18. I don’t even know what this is exactly but it’s for a monitor on a computer that’s younger than you are.

19. Now I’m crying about how good coke tasted in these way back in the day.

20. Anyone who took a bad picture of a tube TV like this one is old enough to remember the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal.

21. You had to be there.

22. These hold floppy disks. What’s a floppy disk? Get out of my sight!!

23. People my age can remember the taste of summer.

24. There were a few years around 1999 where we needed to see the inside of every gadget.

25. In 1991, this is what the logo for Comedy Central looked like.

26. If you remember stretching in front of this, you are now unable to reach your toes.

27. If the wheels of this ran over your fingers, you grew up in an age where kids were truly free.

28. The soft buttons on this cable box were a revelation once.

29. Here’s your sippy cup, you ancient hag.

30. You had this exact burned CD. You had most of those songs on it. Ya old.

h/t Reddit: r/nostalgia

Dan Wilbur

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