Nike Sales Increase 31% Despite The Colin Kaepernick Ad Backlash

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This week, Nike released an advertisement in conjunction with the start of the 2018-2019 NFL season featuring Colin Kaepernick. After the advertisement aired on Thursday night, anger spread across social media like wildfire as many individuals felt that Nike had made a poor decision.

While many people believed that Nike’s stocks and sales would fall due to “boycotts” people proposed, it turns out that the ad has worked out in the company’s favor. According to research from Edison Trends, Nike sales have increased 31% since the advertisement campaign had hit the media.

While many have slammed the campaign and Nike–including President Donald Trump–there are those who are in full support of Nike taking a stance on a side of history that many believe is “right.”

I guess people aren’t really “boycotting” after all.

h/t: Time.