Finally, There’s A Desk Designed To Let People Nap At Work

I fell asleep in the middle of writing something yesterday.

When I woke up, I furiously Googled symptoms of rare diseases that might have caused this issue. Honestly, it’s never happened to me unintentionally. Sadly, I found multiple deadly diseases online that could be the culprits. Fortunately, I remembered I was working from bed all day. I also remembered that I ate cake for lunch.

Hopefully, that was the cause. When I return to an office, I’ll have to rely on more coffee to get through the day. Thankfully, someone has designed a “nap desk” for when that day arrives.

Studio NL is an architecture and design studio run by two registered architects from Greece, Nancy and Angeliki Leivaditou. They create buildings and office spaces and even “umbrella coats,” a fashionable way to stay dry. My passion, however, is sleeping, so my focus is on this ingenious invention of theirs: the “working hard” nap desk.

Let’s take a look.

The Nap Desk will change how we work once we’re all forced to go back to the office:

I’m ready to throw out my standing desk and replace it with the opposite:

But, wait. What about all that light coming in? How is anyone supposed to get any sleep in these conditions?

You guessed it: the desk offers privacy.

Can’t wait to pull off a Costanza at work one day at this desk:

I think I also saw a TV in there.

Basically, work feels like death, so why not jump inside a coffin to catch some shuteye? You deserve it.

The open-concept office may never die, but you can pretend you’re dead from the privacy of your nap desk:

Next time, we’ll look at a computer that can write this kind of article for you (I hope). See you next time.