Mom’s Facebook Post Is A Warning To All Parents To Stop Letting People Kiss Your Babies

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When we have a newborn baby, we will do just about anything to protect them. We know to constantly wash our hands, keep them away from sick individuals, and make sure they are nourished and fed.
But, sometimes, an innocent meeting with a friend or family member can end in a traumatic illness and episode. Mom Lucy Kendall shared a horrifying Facebook post about her son, Oliver, recently to show how quickly and unknowingly things can go horribly wrong for your baby.

It started when Oliver stopped drinking milk and started getting a high fever. Lucy ended up rushing Oliver to the hospital. The end result? Oliver had contracted neonatal herpes–appare


People on Facebook began sharing their own stories of unfortunate and heartbreaking loss of a newborn and loved on due to this virus spreading from something as simple as a kiss–even from a family member.


According to Lucy, Oliver luckily made a full recovery and is back home–but, others have not been as fortunate. It’s important to respect parents when they ask you to refrain from doing something to their child–touching, kissing, hugging–because you never know what kind of virus or bacteria you are carrying.