Mom Blasts Target For Selling Vibrators, Gets Hilariously Roasted By Internet

Who knew battery operated boyfriends could cause such drama?

In this digital era, it’s almost a daily ritual for people to jump online and air out their shopping grievances.

Familiar with the scenario? Those complaints about store offerings and customer service have famously spawned the “Karen” memes we all know and chuckle at. Like this one.

It’s all about teasing those customers who, whether justifiably or not, seem overly demanding or super critical in their online shopping tales. These memes have turned into a pop culture hit, providing a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the online complaining culture and amusing us with the eccentricities of both consumers and companies in our tech-forward society.

Sometimes the complaints are warranted, but other times, it feels like people are just hunting for things to gripe about.

Recently, a woman named Misty Soulard became the butt of jokes on Twitter for her adversarial stance towards Target, accidentally putting herself on blast instead of the store.

Like, what did she think was gonna happen?

A screenshot of her post on Target’s Facebook page made the rounds on Twitter, initially shared by @kittynouveau, who added a comment:

“i am SCREAMING at how this woman thinks a rabbit vibrator works.”

“Target sinks to a new low in it’s [sic] hatred of parents, children, families and anything appropriate,” Soulard writes. “Front and center for little eyes to see. A vibrator that you can stick in BOTH holes. Because that is appropriate for little ones to see while shopping for vitamins.”

The picture she shared, which is clearly taken in the aisle that stores things like condoms and lube, not children’s puzzles, is of a “Plus One” dual vibrating massagers and a vibrating wand. 

I’m taking a wild guess here, but I *think* Soulard is imagining that Rabbit-like model goes in both the vaginal canal and the butthole at the same time? Or she has another hole I haven’t heard of. This is not correct. On of those wands is for insertion, one is for external stimulation. So I’ve heard…

Many are poking fun at Soulard, though a few genuinely feel sorry for her. She could definitely benefit from some lessons in sexual health and perhaps a bit of private time with a Plus One. Others are perplexed that she expected the store not to stock these kinds of toys, especially since it appears she went out of her way to find them:

Perhaps the vibrators could be displayed more discreetly, but it’s also unlikely that a child too young to understand what they are would even notice them unless you specifically point them out by snapping a photo in that aisle.