21 Women Share “The Biggest Mistakes” Men Make During Sex

Sex can be the best thing or the worst thing in the world. It all depends on your body, your partner, the ~vibe~, and a whole host of other variables that can make or break a fun time. That being said, there are certain things nearly all women dislike during sex.

Earlier this year, u/radaee asked women of Reddit, “what are some of the biggest mistakes that men do during sex?”

Guys, take notes.

1. When I tell them to keep going and I like it and they start to speed up or change their tempo. I liked it the way it was before— u/Zoeyz93

2. Lack of communication. You could avoid all the mistakes listed here and be doing it completely wrong for your partner. Not all women want the same thing. Talk to your partner.—u/Mr_frumpish

3. Not moan or make any sounds — u/ilovebelugas

4. Over-analyze it. Dude, it’s not always going to be seeing stars and sh—t. Sometimes, it’s a 10-minute stress releaser and that’s fine.—u/[redacted]

5. Be honest with yourself as to what you like and need. Was with a guy who NEEDED to finish by hand, but desperately didn’t want it to be that way. He would just keep going until it started to hurt me, and then feel ashamed. I have no problem you taking matters into your own hands while I help in other ways!

Also, some women need to take matters into their own hands, and that’s not saying you’re a failure! And unless you have genuine lemon-stealing whores, never take porn as truth. —u/Cohult

6. Not be willing to laugh about things that go wrong, and ripping off of clothes too fast. — u/becauseimcountolaf

7. Lack of post-coitus snuggle. I hate abrupt endings — u/Stabfacenotback

8. When we say ‘don’t stop’, DON’T START SPEEDING UP! Keep doing EXACTLY what you’re doing, for f—k’s sake. —u/strawberrychel

9. Silence. This is not the occasion for a stoic demeanor. Let me know you’re enjoying yourself for chrissakes. Confusing porn with actual sex. Just… ugh. This has ruined many men. It’s not a performance or a fantasy to be played out every damn time.—u/Cephalopodio

10. Unless you know she’s into it, slobbery wet kissing. Being drooled on like a dog is a huge turn-off. Again, unless she’s into it.—u/HowDoesRedditWorkAHH

11. Size + no skills = pain!!! — u/lestatsbride

12. Not having patience to find the hole first so you just keep jabbing all around me or while I’m guiding you, you get too anticipatory and smash my hand..—u/thatgrrrl

13. When they get whiny and sulky about condom use. Ohh, you don’t like condoms? Guess what, you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. Nobody likes them. — u/DoroteaSenjak

14. Neglect the cleaning and combing of the snake’s habitat, neglect to trim fingernails, and think you can lick sensitive bits with toothpaste mouth.—u/octopusboots

15. Treating the clit like they’re scrubbing a pan clean — u/thepotatoissleeping

16. Being upset or sulking if they can’t get me off. Sometimes I ask to use a toy for a bit, or to just stop because it’s not in the cards today and now it just feels uncomfortable. — u/catchmeiimfalliing

17. Please please please don’t forget I have boobs. Touch them at least. How does one lose the love of boobs??—u/mendingbrokenthings

18. Switching positions a lot. I don’t want to feel like a chicken getting grilled. One or two for sessions are perfect for me. No, it does not get boring—u/personpoweer

19. The head push. We will go down on you when we are ready/willing.—u/Frtyto

20. Please learn how to use your fingers! 1.Cut your nails 2. Don’t try to rub a hole in my clit 3. Don’t poke! It hurts! 4.CUT YOUR DAMN NAILS!!!!—u/Dolliiy

21. Bisexual male here if you want my answer. Dirty talk without knowing if the partner is into dirty talk. Seriously, there’s a lot of words out that are an instant turn off. Dirty talk somewhat goes along with role play. Don’t just start doing it. Make sure there’s some agreement first.—u/ZeusDX1118