Meet Tali Rubinstein, The Woman Making The Recorder (Yes, The Recorder) Famous

Tali Rubinstein is a 34-year-old recorder player. Yes, that instrument we all hated when we were six. To her, it’s no joke – she’s based a career on it. Tali is a Berklee College of Music graduate whose most recent accomplishments include composing and playing on a Latin Grammy-winning album, and being featured on Barak Obama’s List of Favorite Songs of 2018.

She specializes in jazz but she can play ANYTHING: hip-hop, blues, country music, you name it. She’s literally the best non-classical recorder player in the world (and probably the only one…).

Tali Jams New York is a story about an extraordinary female musician who moves to NYC to fulfill her dream – to make it BIG!

But there is one problem. She plays…the recorder.

Tali Rubinstein is on a mission to conquer NYC’s jam session world – a highly competitive late-night scene, saturated with the most talented and virtuosic musicians from all over the world. Tali won’t let anything get in her way – under her nerdy appearance hides a ruthless (yet sensitive) gladiator.
Which challenges will Tali face her on her journey? Where will she play? Who will she date? And most importantly – why the recorder?!
Check out her Instagram and watch the trailer here.

Mike Primavera

Mike Primavera is a Chicago-based comedy writer even though he doesn't HAVE to work. He lives comfortably off of his family's pasta fortune. Follow him on all social media at @primawesome