Mansplainer Gets Completely Shut Down By Female Commentator On Live TV

A woman who works in any industry typically dominated by men has to face a whole slew of challenges, not least among them being constantly interrupted and talked over.

That’s something that CNN political and economic commentator Catherine Rampell had to deal with to get her points across when she was a guest along with Stephen Moore discussing economics on CNN.

(Stephen Moore, in case you’re not familiar, has been nominated by President Trump for the Federal Reserve Board, a position for which most people think he’s not fit. Hmm. Much like pretty much everyone else Trump has hired since becoming President.)

Moore was talking about the stock markets and why and how they’ve dropped, but Rampell did not agree with him and tried to correct him. He kept cutting her off and speaking over her, trying to mansplain her version of economics to her, but Rampell was simply not having it. She kept talking and eventually was given the floor, taking the opportunity to completely crush Moore. You can see, watching Moore’s face, just how not happy he is about the whole thing.

Check out the video:

People on social media couldn’t help but crack up over the facial expressions that both Rampell and Moore were making.

Rampell definitely emerged victorious in this battle.


h/t: Someecards, @AlexYoung