A Lyft Driver And Twitter Gave This Missed Connection A Happy Ending

Have you ever seen someone you’d like to talk to, but the moment passed? Perhaps because you were traveling in two separate cars? That’s exactly what happened to two women on different journeys this week. One woman, named Stephanie, posted that she was in a car with her Lyft driver, discussing her future haircut. It’s not clear why she would talk about this with a Lyft driver, but you get into things on a long ride.

According to Stephanie, they were passing another car with a woman who had basically the exact haircut she wanted. Then, in a very Dad move, her Lyft driver shouted out the window at the other car. He wanted the mystery woman to know Stephanie was into her haircut. She was deeply, deeply embarrassed.

This is a very cute story, but it quickly became much more. Across town, someone else was tweeting: poet and performer Denice Frohman was the mystery lady with the incredible cut, and she was very pleased with the compliment shouted at her out of a window. That’s a rare feeling and worth tweeting about:

Twitter feels like an insurmountable pile of garbage a lot of the time, but it can actually e a small world. Because someone knew both of these ladies and put two and two together:

The fact that these two connected and got to share nice sentiments because of Twitter almost redeems the entire app. Let’s not set fire to it for one more day:

It’s unclear if anybody slid into anybody’s DMs, even if just for the number of Frohman’s hairstylist. That didn’t stop people from suggesting this was the beginning of a full-blown romance:

Yes, it is an absolute romantic comedy meet cute scenario, but sometimes a lady can like another lady’s hair without it being sexual. Let this be what it is: the perfect Twitter moment.