7 Reasons Why Having A Long Distance BFF Is Actually Amazing

Being apart from your BFF sounds awful, and don’t get us wrong, it’s not ideal. The relationship is bound to be different with a lot of miles between you two and without your regular hang out seshes, but don’t despair! It’s not all terrible, either. There are actually some things that are really awesome about it, even though it might not seem like that first.

1. You’re only a text, Facetime call, or phone call away.

Not being able to hang out in person is hard to get used to, but with today’s technology, it’s really easy to keep in touch. Whenever you’re feeling lonely, you know your bestie is always going to have time for you.

2. Seeing each other is a big deal.

Much like a long-distance dating relationship, having your BFF far away means that the times you do get to see each other are extra special. You learn to really value being able to see them, and you never take them for granted.

3. It’s a fun trip to go visit them.

Not only do you get to see your best friend, you also get to meet the people they talk about and see all the things they see and do during their daily routine. You’re not just hanging out doing the same old, same old, there are all kinds of new adventures that you can have together that you wouldn’t be able to have if they still lived in the same place as you.

4. You have someone to send mail and presents to.

Receiving old-fashioned mail is the best! Especially mail sent to your best friend, when you can decorate the envelope with stickers and fun stuff. Taking the time to mail something to your BFF really lets them know that you’re thinking about them and that you care. And that you want to embarrass them in front of the mail carrier.

5. You now have someone who will give you totally unbiased advice.

Now that your best friend no longer lives near you, chances are you’ll end up hanging out with some new people who your bestie doesn’t know. That’s actually pretty cool because, since your BFF is on the outside of this particular friend group, she or he will be able to give you honest advice, unclouded by personal bias.

6. You won’t take each other for granted.

You love your best friend to death, but sometimes spending too much time with the same friend can get a little humdrum. If your BFF lives far away, just about every interaction is meaningful, because it takes more work than just being able to hang out whenever you want to.

7. Making a friendship work long distance is a good sign that this person will be in your life for a long time to come.

If you can make a long distance friendship, with all its shortcomings and communication challenges, work, then you can be pretty sure this is someone who is going to stay your friend for the long run. It’s easy to be friends with someone you see every day, but when you and your bestie make the effort to keep each other in your lives, then it’s a sign the friendship is strong enough to stand the test of time.

Nathan Davidson

A master of the internet farts and sciences. Often accused of being into movies, television, sports, gaming and long walks to the kitchen. Spent the last decade writing about the absurdity that is the internet with a primary focus on comedy, sports, entertainment and exposing cats for being evil monsters. Somehow achieved a BA in Advertising from the Michigan State University and MA in Copywriting from The Portfolio Center. Hobbies include keeping "that's what she said" jokes fashionable, imitating noises like a parakeet and preventing political arguments. List writer for Ranker and former Editor-in-Chief of World Wide Interweb.