This Little Girl’s ‘Imaginary Friend’ Is 100% An Actual Ghost

Look, we all know kids are terrifying. The fact that they can somehow manage to break every object in your house if left unattended for thirty seconds is a testament to this notion. However, they can also be weirdly spooky when it comes to discussing supernatural matters.

Recently, actress Natalie Morales came across a clipping (presumably from a school newsletter of some sort) which featured kids describing their imaginary friends. Sounds cute, right?


One little girl named Ruby has a pretty disturbing “imaginary friend”: her imaginary “mum” is a 14-year-old who is pregnant with twins, only visits her at night, and can “never have a birthday.” Her name is “Grateful.”

Um, if that doesn’t sound like some kind of creepy, Puritan-era ghost, then I don’t know what does.

Twitter was totally spooked.

As one person theorized, “Grateful” could feasibly be a Puritan name — and 14 would have been a marriageable age at the time. Perhaps this mystery ghost even died during childbirth.

One person actually illustrated a portrait of “Grateful,” which is scary as hell.

Everyone agreed, though: this story is just par for the course as far as creepy kids are concerned.

On the bright side, at least Ruby sounds very precocious for her age — even if her house is most definitely haunted.