20 People Who Seem To Think LinkedIn Is Tinder

There are plenty of dating apps and websites to meet people and LinkedIn is NOT one of them.

The platform is mainly used for professional networking and allows job seekers to post CVs and employers to look for workers.

Desperation is never a good look while you’re job hunting but it’s also not a good look when you’re looking to connect intimately so fusing the two together on LinkedIn is a double no-no.

LinkedUp has the potential to be a dating app but LinkedIn does not. Here are some big-time fails of people trying Tinder moves on LinkedIn. Better luck on a real estate website, guys.


1. There’s a time and place, Willie


2. Gets right to the point


3. Guy just tell her to her face


4. Should have stopped reading at the double “Lol lol”


5. An 8th emoji might have worked


6. You should be static everywhere


7. I like hating people on LinkedIn…


8. And ease up with the … while you’re at it


9. Take a hike, Lewis


10. Winky faces on LinkedIn should be punishable by law


11. The “Xx” really drives this one home


12. Don’t ever “Warm regard” me again, please


13. This is actually not “nice to connect” at all


14. I’ll pass, thanks


15. “Mmm” is a title that will never go over well


16. Single or taken?


17. So natural


18. LinkedDesparatION

Kayla Donnell

19. Adult beverages, ouch

Mary Clark

20. It is too weird for you to say

Paige LaDue


Ty Jadah

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