If You Haven’t Seen Lindsay Lohan Dancing In Mykonos Yet, You Truly Haven’t Lived

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Former actress Lindsay Lohan has started the second era of her wondrous life as the proprietor (or at least namesake?) of two Greek beach clubs, and We! Are! Here! For! It! Never mind the fact that “beach clubs” aren’t really a thing (until now!) or that the Greek investors funding Mykonos’s Kalo Livadi refuse to publicly attach their names to the spa/nightclub/bar/resort. Never mind all that! For two major reasons:

1. Lohan’s upcoming MTV reality show, which is named after the beach club, which is named after her.

2. The following now-viral choreographed(?) dance routine, which LiLo debuted at the beach club, and which became such a sensation it spawned its own Internet challenge (dubbed the “Mykonos Challenge.”)

The video in question:

It’s perfect. Everything about it is perfect. No words can do it justice. Only more footage can do that.

Understandably, LiLo’s dance begat many a replication (never a duplication, though). Here’s actress Busy Philipps and writer Kelly Oxford attempting the Mykonos Challenge:

And whoever these two dudes are:

LiLo herself was into it, and reposted two edited videos overlaid with different tracks and the captions #DoTheLilo:



There’s also this:

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You’re doing amazing sweetie ????????

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Last but not least, here’s Lindsay dancing to her own song “Rumors.”

We love you forever, LiLo.