Life Is All About Making Choices (20 PICTURES)

Every single day life presents you with a series of choices. The key to being really successful is to make one really good decision and one really poor decision each day. And when you make a poor decision, reward yourself with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and make goat noises. Trust me, this system really works.

Nathan Davidson

A master of the internet farts and sciences. Often accused of being into movies, television, sports, gaming and long walks to the kitchen. Spent the last decade writing about the absurdity that is the internet with a primary focus on comedy, sports, entertainment and exposing cats for being evil monsters. Somehow achieved a BA in Advertising from the Michigan State University and MA in Copywriting from The Portfolio Center. Hobbies include keeping "that's what she said" jokes fashionable, imitating noises like a parakeet and preventing political arguments. List writer for Ranker and former Editor-in-Chief of World Wide Interweb.