Kim Kardashian’s Latest Photo Shoot Looks Pretty Familiar

Anytime the Kardashians (or one of their husbands) is getting up to some public nonsense, somebody from the family swoops in with a ridiculous photo shoot or controversial tweet. Then the whole cycle starts all over again. The queen of distracting imagery is definitely Kim, though Kendall gave her a run for her money with that Pepsi commercial from so long ago. Kim is the OG, the G.O.A.T. of getting everyone talking about something else immediately. And she’s delivered again.

On August 6, Kim tweeted what seems to be promotional pics for her husband Kanye West’s Yeezy shoe line. It may be that she is genuinely trying to support him in his fashion endeavors, but there’s also been a lot of drama amongst the sisters. But how could she look at this photo and think people aren’t going to make fun of it:

“Like butter” is one way to describe this image, because it definitely seems like Kim is melting. Maybe she and Kanye saw this and thought it was perfect, but I suspect they knew it was hilariously bad, and would lure everyone out of their caves to share their memes. Which they did.

Some thought it looked like Kim was in serious danger:

The pose was familiar for anyone who lived through commercials of the nineties. Kim has fallen, and she can’t get up:

Or maybe she’s out with her crew:

Playing games:

Or she’s the prize:

The Toy Story comparisons are apt, especially this one, because it gets at what’s really motivating Kim Kardashian:

Giving this woman some attention is the only thing that will get her out of bed in the morning.