Fans Are Calling Khloé Kardashian Out For This Epic Photoshop Fail

Listen, most of us have dabbled with running our selfies through filters before uploading them to social media. But most of us aren’t the Kardashians, who have thousands—THOUSANDS—of eagle-eyed fans and haters inspecting every photo for signs of Photoshop magic.

The latest member of the Kardashian Klan to fall prey is Khloé, who fans are accusing of posting a major photoshop fail on her Instagram.

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You are so much more powerful than you know! Keep going?

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Do you spot it?

If you take a look at KoKo’s left hand, you can see something bizarro going on with her thumb. Like she has two of them instead of one.

And while some commenters are saying the wonky thumb is a glitch as a result of filters/Khloé moving her hand mid-shot, most—nearly all—are accusing the Kardashian of Photoshopping the image.


It could just be that everyone’s a hater and KoKo has a glitchy shadow eclipsing her thumb. Either way, she’s looking better than ever, and we forever stan her as the funniest member of the Kardashian-Jenner fam (besides Kris).