People Are Furious That The Kardashians Hire Unpaid College Students For ‘Internships’ That Are Just Running Errands

Days after Kim Kardashian was put on blast for releasing a lipstick ad campaign that almost unequivocally ripped off the designs and concept of creative director and jewelry designer Tanaya Henry, the KarJenners are catching heat for their shady “internship” practices.

A screencap of a “job listing” posted by Reddit user u/Pizzatraveler12 on /r/ChoosingBeggars revealed that the KarJenner Klan hires college students for unpaid college credit, marketing them as “internships” though the tasks themselves are less education tasks than inane errands.

“Looking for a part time errand runner,” reads the listing, which includes “errands, organizing in home, gift wrapping” and “helping with kids toys motorized cars etc.,” whatever that could possibly mean.

“The Kardashians hire unpaid college students for college credit ‘internships.’ This is 100% real and appalling” the Reddit post was captioned, racking up nearly 37,000 upvotes and 1,600 comments in less than 24 hours’ time. A quick search of reveals other job listings for Jenner Communications which include grocery shopping and caring for a dog.

Many people thought hiring college kids and refusing to pay them to run menial errands is of questionable legality, not to mention objectively awful and greedy.

“So ‘intern’ = ‘servant’? Isn’t the point of an internship that you learn something? What do you learn buying groceries and walking dogs?” asked one commenter. “The technical term is personal assistant or administrative assistant. You learn nothing from those skills and you are right on, except in this case they are a form of indentured servants because they have to finish the term to get college credit. This shit is unconscionable,” responded another.

The only two reviews on paint a poor picture of life under the KarJenners.

However, comments on a PopCrave tweet reveal not everybody has an issue with the KarJenners internship practices. ‘What seems to be the problem, if they flat out disclose that the internship is unpaid?’ some folks wondered.

Having to spend your own money in order to work for the KarJenners is beyond terrible in every way imaginable, but the worst part of the job listing has got to be the laziness of “thru” in “thru school.” C’mon, now.