Khloé Completely Loses Her Mind Over The Tristan/Jordyn Scandal In The New KUWTK Trailer

As many people know, several weeks ago the tabloids lost their mind when the story broke that Tristan Thompson had yet again cheated on baby momma Khloé Kardashian. While Thompson’s cheating is old news, the fact that he cheated this time with a close family friend, Jordyn Woods, was a new plot twist no one was ready for.

Since the story hit social media, fansand followers have been trying to keep up with where everyone stands via social media. Some unfollowed Jordyn and Tristan, while others kept their opinions to themselves. We have no idea where Kylie and Jordyn stand with each other—and, we know after numerous tweets on social media, Khloé blamed both Tristan and Jordyn for “breaking up her family.”

Now, for the first time, we’re seeing how Khloé reacted behind the social media spotlight in the latest Keeping Up with the Kardashian trailer for the new season dropping on March 31. Shared on Twitter by Kim Kardashian herself, the trailer focuses on not just Khloé’s family drama, but some other issues that family members are dealing with, too.

Khloé appears on camera first, crying while speaking on the phone. Her voice-over, crying, is a desperate cry to stop judging her as her “life is not just a TV show.”


Obviously, this shows that there will be some massive drama going down. But, we do get a rewind to when Kylie and Jordyn launched their makeup collaboration together. We see Kris Jenner toasting them.

But, then, we’re cut to Khloé screaming into the phone that her “family is ruined.” Who she’s talking to? Unsure, but I assume it’s either Jordyn or Kylie.


Before we know it, the trailer cuts to Khloé with her BFF Malika, and she’s seen enraged, screaming into the phone, “LIAR!”

Aside from Khloé’s drama this season, Kim seems to have some marital problems of her own. Kim and Kanye address his desire to move to Chicago—to which Kim says “moving to Chicago may be my breaking point.”

Kourtney also appears in the trailer, sharing her own love-life drama with her baby daddy, Scott. When asked how many times Kourt’s been in love, she says only once. We assume she’s talking about Scott (or, hey, we hope seeing as they have three kids together). But, Scott’s voice also appears on the trailer, saying he’s finally happy—with his girlfriend Sofia Richie.

Kris Jenner, the matriarch herself, appears on the trailer, in tears saying that the family just “can’t catch a break.”

And, we end up with Khloé—crying—asking people to just be kind.

Obviously, this trailer is jam-packed with drama. There is so much going on! HOW CAN WE KEEP UP?!?! Since appearing online, people have had mixed feelings over everything that goes down.

Some are on Team Khloé, feeling horrible to see her breaking this badly.

But, others were sick of her playing the victim.

Someone else pointed out that it’s ironic that the Jordyn/Tristan scandal is front and center when they should have already finished filming for the season.

Another pointed out that everyone is making $$$ from it—even Jordyn.

And, one said it’s pretty obvious.

Others said that the trailer looked like garbage.

The new season of KUWTK appears on E! on March 31st.

h/t: BuzzFeed.