Twitter Is Calling Out Society’s ‘Double Standards’ After The Kardashians Dragged Jordyn Woods

As you’ve probably already heard, there’s a lot of drama going in the Kardashian circle this week. Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have broken up after outlets broke the story that Thompson cheated on Khloé (again) with a long-time family friend, Jordyn Woods.

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The two were spotted cuddling and making out at a party on Sunday night and multiple people reported to the Kardashians what went down. After Khloé confronted him, Thompson reportedly admitted it and Khloé kicked him to the curb. Additionally, Kylie has thrown Jordyn out of her house and cut her off completely. The entire Kardashian family has decided to cut ties with Woods and her family—after having her around for over 10 years.

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After the Internet exploded with memes, tweets, and savage jokes—it seems the Kardashian family has put a lot of the blame on Woods, instead of Thompson himself. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé have all unfollowed Woods on social media, and Khloé’s best friend was caught commenting on social media profiles saying, “These hoes ain’t loyal!”

People all over the world that keep up with the Kardashians seem to be dragging one person in particular—Jordyn Woods. While the girl is absolutely wrong for hooking up with someone else’s man, it seems a bit ridiculous to think people would rather attack Woods over Thompson—who, has been caught cheating on Khloé multiple times throughout their relationship.

Now, people online are wondering why the Kardashians, and the rest of social media, are coming for Jordyn but not for Tristan. Many people are saying that the Kardashians, and society, are projecting a double standard.

Facts, y’all. Is Jordyn wrong? Absolutely. But, don’t drag her through the dirt and let Tristan get off like he didn’t do anything wrong. He’s the one in the committed relationship with Khloé—and, he has a baby at home. You all better treat him with that same disrespect—or, keep your mouths shut.

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