Kanye West Goes On Insane 10-Minute Rant Praising Donald Trump And ‘MAGA’ During White House Visit

On Thursday, Kanye West met with President Donald Trump at the White House for a lunch, along with musician Kid Rock and NFL running back Jim Brown. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner joined the group for a lunch, but, during the meeting in the Oval Office–with reporters swarming them all–Kanye West went on a 10-minute long rant about his support for Donald Trump, MAGA, and admitted he was “misdiagnosed” with bipolar disorder.
West began his 10-minute long rant by first, talking about how Donald Trump has given him “superpowers” by giving him the MAGA hat. He criticized Hillary Clinton’s “I’m With Her” campaign for not giving him “the feeling of a dad throwing the ball around with his son.” Essentially, he said that the male Presidential nominee made him feel more powerful than the female nominee. He additionally said that Trump was “Superman” because he “gets the job done.”

West then began to speak about his controversial tweet about abolishing the 13th Amendment. He called the law a “trap door,” that was put in place by four men who were looking to trap black people into slavery. He continued to speak in tangents and moved onto his diagnosis with bipolar disorder–claiming he had gone to a renowned doctor who said he was “misdiagnosed” and instead, had sleep deprivation.

Next, Kanye decided to insist that if Donald Trump doesn’t “look good,” then America doesn’t “look good.” He then unlocked his phone and showed the entire office his idea for an ‘iPlane 1’ which is a “hydrogen-powered plane,” saying Trump should be in that plane. Trump, then, laughed and joked about getting rid of Air Force 1. He then blamed people resorting to crime on the fact that America exports labor to China.

West then went on to say he wanted to build “Trump Factories” in Chicago, to bring back industries and business to the United States–calling Trump a genius. He also added that he wanted to open his own Yeezy Ideation Centers where kids can “play basketball and do math at the same time,” calling school and education “not as interesting as cell phones and technology.”

A reporter asked if West was going to address “stop and frisk,” as he had mentioned people wanted him to discuss–saying Trump supports stop and frisk. Instead, the conversation turned, as West apologized for “putting Trump on the spot.”

Another reporter asked Trump if he would “allow Kanye to speak at one of his rallies” to which Trump replied “He can speak for me anytime he wants. He’s a smart cookie. He gets it.”

West then hijacked the meeting, again, to talk about “living for today” and stop focusing on tomorrow. Additionally, he said he would consider a Presidential run–only after 2024 when Trump can no longer run.

West also made new MAGA hats–instead to read “Make America Great” without the “again.” He said he’d love to see Trump at the Super Bowl with Colin Kaepernick, both wearing the hats together.

People began to ask Trump about stop and frisk, and if he plans to revisit the laws in place right now that many people disagree with. After praising West and Brown for being there, he said he’s “willing to take another look at it,” adding he feels what is happening in Chicago right now is “a shame.”

Finally, the meeting that Kanye had hijacked and turned into a never-ending saga of his every thought ended when he admitted he “loves Donald Trump” and is “choosing to support him.” He ends up getting up to give Trump a huge hug.

If you don’t find this exhausting, confusing, and a bit insane–I really don’t know where your minds at. People on Twitter dumbfounded at the fact that this actually happened, in real life, in the f**king White House.

To make matters even funnier–Kanye West gave away his iPhone login, which happens to be 000000.

I think that’s enough Internet for today.