Employers Are Sharing The Funny And Weird Questions They’ve Been Asked During Job Interviews

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Interviewing for a job is nerve-wracking and when it gets to the moment where an interviewer asks, “Any questions for us?” all sorts of stuff could fly out of your mouth. Personally, I recommend having something prepared that’s pretty neutral and shows you know a bit about the company, just in case no real questions come immediately to mind. And when you read the responses on r/AskReddit to Reddit user AeonArcore‘s question, “Employers of Reddit, what’s the most memorable ‘do you have any questions’ question you’ve received in an interview?” you’ll agree with me!

There are a surprising number of employers on Reddit and they’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly during interviews. Maybe some of these potential employees were just having a little brain meltdown under pressure. Or maybe you’ll think their questions were totally reasonable—which might explain any trouble you’re having in interviews. Scroll below to see if you’ve been blowing it without knowing it.


“Do you regularly drug test?”

“How often would I be able to leave early?”

Most memorable though would be the person I am interviewing ask me, “If another company offered you the same salary for the same job to quit and come work for them, would you take it and why/why not?” —hydeauxFido


I was interviewing a young woman for an engineering position. She said she had an engineering degree, recently graduated, and had no experience. I would have hired her, until she asked, “Is there any math involved? I’m not very good in math.” —BPP1943


A fresh-out-of school kid with no experience interviewing at a high-tech company asked “how many people will I be managing?” Not sure what he thought ‘entry-level position’ meant. —Finnerite


Do you do drug tests, and for which drugs? —Biosentience


During an interview i asked how is the company handling overtime. They said it’s not paid but there is freetime compensation. Fair enough, it was the same at my last company. A month after they hired me turns out there is a ratio of 4to1. 4 overtime for 1 hour off.

Since then during every interview I asked about the ratio and they always look completely baffled like I’m an idiot. —zseblodongo


Not an employer but was asked to sit in on an interview as we had no manager at the time and I was helping to run things.

Woman comes to the interview for a care support worker position at our charity for adults with Autism. She gets through the interview fine, actually seemed willing to work with challenging behaviour and accepted there was an element of risk to the job. I ask if she had any questions, she responded with “At what point to we protest vaccinations?”. I looked at my superior who was stunned. I just said that we didn’t and we were there to help people with there everyday lives and in the community. She launched into an anti-vax rage, yelling that we weren’t doing enough to combat autism which is obviously caused by vaccines.

First and only interview I did, memorable though. She wasn’t hired. —my-own-grandfather


“Is it possible to try the job for two weeks.. to see if I like it?” that one kinda baffled me. She didn’t want to take another job and quit early because it would look bad on her resume. There is always a month where both the company and the employee are able to decide if the job is for that person but still.. Didn’t leave the best impression on us because it made it feel as if she wasn’t a 100% going for the position. —shadyotter


“Do you like banana bread?” —Jekyllfaced


Can my mom sleep on the couch in the office during work so she doesn’t have to drive all the way home and back to take me to work? —TheMotherRabbit


I was interviewing a young engineer for an engineering position He said he had an engineering degree, and several engineering jobs in two years. He asked me, “How much will you pay me? My other bosses never paid me what I’m worth.” —BPP1943


I got asked “What is the job? My girlfriend made me come here.” Try as she might, I don’t think he’s going to be successful lol. —TwincessMom22


Had someone ask how soon he could take paid leave after being hired.

I hadn’t even really finished the interview or gone over the benefits package yet. Plus, this is not what you want to hear as you are hiring for the busiest time of year. —aisored224


“When do I start?” —Magicallybabelicious


I was actually the one that issued the question. Was told by my boss recently, that during my interview the last question I asked was “When can I expect your answer”, which she immediately had to laugh about, but it showed her that I was very confident in my abilities and it was actually the reason she hired me. —straikychan


After explaining that the position needed to be filled immediately, they asked: “well, do you think I can start in about 2 months? I have a vacation planned and I also want to finish out my unemployment.” Needless to say, I didn’t offer them the job. —ccc428