The Internet Came Through With Incredible Advice For This Pregnant Woman Whose Husband Insists On Having His Parents In The Delivery Room

Many women know that giving birth is one of the most incredible experiences in the world.
While it’s beautiful and special, it’s also a pretty personal experience that most women want to go through with their partner–and, no one else. If you’ve ever taken a health class before, you’d know that while giving birth is an experience like no other, it’s also pretty messy. Plus, you’re spread eagle for quite a long time on the table, which is something you don’t want that many people to see–especially your in-laws. However, one Quora user was going through a pretty big issue when it came to her hospital plans. With the days counting down to when she was due, she was conflicted about something her husband kept pushing and, she decided to ask the Internet for some advice.

Isabella Laguna asked Quora users what to do about her plans to give birth to her twins. Her husband, apparently, is insisting that his parents be allowed in the delivery room on the day she gives birth. Isabella said she “wasn’t comfortable” with the idea of her in-laws being in the same room where she was going to be giving birth to not one, but two babies.

People online were quick to come to Isabella’s defense and give her some valuable advice. Some were pretty bold.

But, one user took the time out to make a well-thought, well-worded response that hit home for many.

Source: Quora.