A Teen Asked An Instagram Model To Prom. He Said Yes—Kind Of—And Then Things Spiraled

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Being hot online can really open up the world. For example, take the existence of multitudes of fitness and Instagram models who get paid to promote products and post thirst traps.

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One such fellow, the fitness IG model Danny Jones truly encapsulates the meaning of thirst trap.

10lbs in 2 weeks…let's goooooo!! #blurrypic

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Scrolling through his page will make you feel automatically creepy.

Double tap if you think I should get a truck (or a burger)

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But for the teen and Twitter user @grandeslices, Danny Jones’ Instagram presence inspired her to get brave and make a move.

With a bold slide into his DMs, she asked him just how many retweets she’d need to score a prom date.

Much to her surprise and excitement, she got a response.

Once she knew how many retweets she needed to secure the date, she brought her query to the magical world of Twitter.

As you can see, the retweets came ROLLING IN. And with those retweets came plenty of commentary.

Oh, there’s more…