35 Incredible Before And After Transformations Of People Who Quit Drinking

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18 Months Sober

In the first photograph, I found myself alone, nearly 300 lbs, in an extraordinary amount of credit card debt (nearly $20,000) and without a job, and, thankfully, at the tail end of a six-year-long bender of drinking a fifth every day while often contemplating suicide, supporting my fellow alcoholic and abusive partner with just my below-poverty-line income, and fighting to complete my PhD.”

Reddit: dr_dan_is_sober


Six Months Sober

Just one of the many positive benefits of sobriety! Working out and fueling my body correctly have been a great way to see and feel results and reward myself for my sobriety. My changed body is a perk I have really enjoyed.

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1 Year Sober

“I was so sad and desperate before. My eyes look dead. I love sobriety and I work daily to keep it. It’s truly a gift.”

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300 Days Sober

Hopefully this helps anyone looking to quit drinking. I promise you won’t regret it. Just remember one day at a time.



7 Years Sober

I look at the first photo and try to imagine who I had become, and how I survived my bottom drinking. But I did survive all sorts of degradation and humiliation even in recovery–none worse than where alcohol had taken me. I’m so grateful to have survived to now.

Reddit: coolcrosby


1 Year Sober

A little over a year ago, at 20 years old, I took my last sip of alcohol. That’s right — I’ve never even had a legal drink. Instead I’ve had lessons — some of them obvious, others blessings in disguise.

HuffingtonPost: Beth Leipholtz


99 Days Sober

I got 99 problems and 99 days sober. Drinking is just one of those problems, but it’s a much quieter one now.

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1 Year Sober

Each person has to do what works for them, but I think many would do well to emulate your example. This is a great blueprint.

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156 Days Sober

My reaction to my old face!

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