35 Incredible Before And After Transformations Of People Who Quit Drinking

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1 Year Sober

“One year ago, I got in a fight with myself and I lost. When I woke up (on the floor) the next morning, I knew that was it. I was done. I would never have a guilt-free drink again.”

Reddit: I_need_new_shoes


1.5 Years Sober

Heaviest weight in my life, and a .750L of vodka a night every night.

Reddit: luscrib89


6 Months Sober

“Today I feel like a completely different person. Today I am still a work-in-progress and a dash of a hot mess, but I am a million times happier. I found my self-worth, I found some confidence, and I found people that really honestly care about me.”

Reddit: RedHeadedRiot


1 Year Sober


BoredPanda: Sarah Green


151 Days Sober

Wow! Congrats, dude, keep at it!

BoredPanda: Justin Mackie


17 Months Sober

You Go, Girl!!!

BoredPanda: Shannon Trew


11 Months Sober

Wow! Good job! Awesome phone case too!

BoredPanda: Joe Meisner


4 Years Sober

Before In Late 2011, Trying To Moderate. Got Sober 8/19/2012. After Is In August Of 2016. 45lbs Lighter + My Bp Without Meds Was 196/92, Now It Is 118/62.

BoredPanda: Mary Law


3 Years Sober

Quit Drinking 3 Years Ago. Turning 33yrs Old This Year Felt Good.

BoredPanda: RanaKaran Sidhu


2.5 Years Sober

Never been happier.

BoredPanda: Jenna Eerika