50 Iconic Photos Of Celebrities Kicking It With Their Younger Selves

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With modern technology being so incredible, people have found ways to do the unthinkable—especially when it comes to graphics, editing, and media. When we see it, we’re utterly mindblown that someone was able to create something so realistic, and interesting, too. Recently, a series of photos have been going viral online and everyone’s fallen in love with it because it’s way too cool. The Instagram account @photo_time_travel features pictures of celebrities now posing with their older selves. Although the photoshop job may seem pretty easy, @ardgelinck has found a way to make it look utterly believable. 

Here are our favorites:

1. Ellen DeGeneres

2. Robert De Niro

3. Matt Leblanc

4. Barbara Stresiand

5. Christina Applegate

6.Harrison Ford

7. Jennifer Aniston

8. Freddy Mercury

9. Tom Hanks

10. Emma Watson

11. Michelle Obama

12. Will Smith

13. Julia Roberts

14. Tom Selleck

15.Lady Gaga

16. Tina Turner

17. Clint Eastwood

18. Cher

19. Rob Lowe

20.Paul McCartney


22.Justin Timberlake

23. Daniel Radcliffe

24. Leonardo DiCaprio

25. Bon Jovi

26. Bono

27. George Clooney

28. Tom Cruise

29. Johnny Depp

30. Justin Bieber

31. Pink

32. Amy Winehouse

33. Michael Jackson

34. Brad Pitt

35. Courtney Cox

36. Britney Spears

37.Sylvester Stallone

38. Steven Spielberg

39. Mick Jagger

40.David Hasselhoff

41. Lionel Richie

42. Oprah

43.Gloria Estefan

44.John Mayer

45.Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

46. Bruno Mars

47. Boy George

48.Robert Redford

49.Kate Moss

50.David Bowie

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