Racist Woman Confronted For Trying To Call ICE On A Poor Mother Breastfeeding Her Baby

White people have been out in force this summer calling the police on people of color for everything from eating lunch to napping to just standing still. If you needed evidence that white people use the police as their personal security force to make them feel “safe” around minorities, there’s been plenty. Now there’s one more.

Earlier this week, a poor Hispanic woman stood on the street in Los Angeles, CA breastfeeding her infant and asking for a little financial help. Seeing a poor person of color trying to feed their family got one white lady all riled up and threatening to sic ICE on her:

“Here’s a white woman about to call ICE on this poor mother asking for money for her daughter—to feed her daughter,” the women filming can be heard saying.

That’s when #ICECoffeeCathy flicks the camera off and says, “She’s from Brazil, she’s not from here!” The woman says. “Why are you harassing me?” She asks the woman filming.

“Because you’re harassing her!” the woman shoots back.

“Well she’s not from my country!” the racist woman says.

“This isn’t your country! Go back to Europe, that’s where you’re from.” the camerawoman says before adding “You’re about to go viral, lady.”

Twitter was pretty supportive of the woman filming and pretty exasperated with another white lady calling the authorities for stuff that isn’t a crime:

Please stop doing this, white people.