This Viral Video Of A Cranky Dog Will Make You Laugh For At Least 10,000 Years

Every once in a while, we as a society are collectively blessed with a video so powerful, it has the strength to unite the citizens of the world regardless of race, age, nationality, or political affiliation. The following video belongs to these ranks, right on up there with the “Gangnam Style” music video and “Charlie Bit My Finger” (remember when Osama Bin Laden had a copy of it on his computer hard drive?)

It’s called “I LOVE YOU MR. BUBBS!!!” or at least it is so titled on YouTube. On Twitter, it is merely introduced by account @megsfrantz, who retweeted it with the caption “have not stopped thinking about this since I saw it. it’s so good.” And, indeed, so good it is.

It features a mustachioed gentleman telling a chubby Chiweenie (?) named Mr. Bubz, “I love you Mr. Bubz. Do you love me too?” Mr. Bubz, it would appear, does not love mustachioed gentleman, nor does he appreciate being jostled, or kissed, or videotaped. Behold:

Naturally, Twitter fell in immediate love and adoration with the cranky Mr. Bubz. Mr. Bubz is one easy creature to relate to.

The appeal of Mr. Bubz was not restricted to just Twitter.

It takes a truly rare 14 seconds to unite and enrapture the toxic viper pit that is Twitter, let alone the additional platforms of YouTube and Reddit. May Mr. Bubz live forever in our hearts and spirits, and set a shining example for what we can accomplish when we combine our efforts into one.