40 Times Parents Played The Oldest Tricks In The Book On Their Gullible Kids

How a simple red light turned kids into frozen statues.

As any parent will tell you, dealing with kids requires patience, skill, and a hefty dose of humor. I mean, sometimes you just have to embrace the chaos and roll with it, right? Sometimes the best way to navigate the quirky world of parenting is by leaning into the fun and playing along with some of those age-old tricks our parents used on us. You wouldn’t believe the goldmine of hilarious moments I stumbled upon while browsing through this subreddit dedicated to parents sharing how they cleverly navigated their kids’ gullibility. Honestly, these stories are pure comedy gold and a treasure trove of tricks that any parent can relate to—or even get inspired by for their next parenting win.

From convincing kids that the ice cream truck only plays music when it’s out of ice cream to making them believe they could dig their way to China in the backyard, these stories are a delightful reminder that a little creativity can turn parenting challenges into laugh-out-loud moments. So, check out these times parents played the oldest tricks in the book on their gullible kids. Trust me, you’re going to love these!

1. Paint with water

2. “Pretend”

3. Kids Are Way Too Gullible

4. Sharing daylight

5. Get This Man A Phd

6. Yup, can see, yup.

7. Liar

8. Look for a toy

9. Fun For All The Family

10. Nice

11. Tooth fairy is allergic to dust

12. Cold toast

13. Genius

14. Baby cabbages, gone

15. Car won’t start

16. My Little Brother’s Got This On His Wall

17. Childhood diaries reveal everything

18. A Better Version Of Hide N Seek

19. Having To Call Toxicology

20. The lies we tell

21. Genius until it wasn’t

22. TV is napping

23. Seeing his brain

24. My Literal 7 Year Old Daughter Answering A Philosophical Question For School Work

25. Princess food!

26. I Have No Idea How Mad I Should Be

27. What Was The Thought Process?

28. Glad This Didn’t Exist When I Was A Kid

29. What The Heck

30. Gotta grow up

31. My Brother Everybody…

32. I Dont Know What To Say

33. The Anniversary Of This One.. I Was The 11 Year Old

34. Sold out!

35. Ah Yes, How To Get A ‘Free’ Cookie

36. So Caring

37. Never Felt Better

38. RIP baby shark

39. My Daughter’s Elementary School Emailed This Photo So Parents Can Claim Lost Glasses. The School Only Has 190 Students

40. Year Old Donated $400

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