20+ Terrible Dad Jokes That You’ll Secretly Laugh About Later

Teens everywhere are rolling their eyes at their dads after he said some corny-ass thing in public. What they don’t realize is that one day, they’ll be the adult with the bad jokes. By then we’ll mostly be made from cyborg parts, but our terrible senses of humor will age as normal. That’s what I think anyway, and I’m looking forward to it!

The crazy thing is that it sneaks up on your. What would have once made you shriek, “Daaaa-AAD!” will start to make you smile a little. You’ll be in the shower and remember some pun about shampoo and have a giggle. Dad jokes are slow burners. They catch you when you least expect it and make you laugh. Then groan. Then laugh again at home terrible the joke was.

The cyborg technology will probably arrive before we understand why this transformation happens. Science can’t explain it. Presumably our brains atrophy. Here are a whole bunch of the best Dad Jokes in the game, from an account called @BadDadJokes for when your mind is too weak and old to understand they’re awful. Then all that’s left is the laughter!