Google Robot Reply Texting To Relieve Stress Of Human Interaction

People who rarely return phone calls, take an average of 2-3 days to respond to texts, and friends who are always “super busy lately” can rejoice as initial tests for Google robot reply texting began this week. Google’s Area 120 experimental lab is currently experimenting with a new system called Reply that empowers introverts with an AI-based response system for Google’s Hangouts, Allo, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Android Messages, Skype, Twitter direct messages and Slack. That’s right, folks, thanks to Google it won’t be long before all communication is simply robots messaging other robots and we can finally free ourselves of written communication once and for all. Writing words is officially so 2017.

Sup Brobot?



Reply supposedly analyzes what people are saying to you and suggests one-tap answers. Kind of like the proverbial “K” or an emoji except it’s a machine texting these simple one-touch responses so your pointer finger, thumb and brain get another well-deserved break from doing nothing. Google’s goal is to take robot responses to a whole new level by incorporating your location, calendar events, and other “information” about you in order to create automated texts that can easily trick your favorite humans. If you think over-analyzing of the meaning or tone of texts was difficult before, just imagine questioning whether a text came from a person or a Google Reply robot.

Automatic Reply: Human Not Available

Google Robot Reply Texting

The end of human conversation as we know it, also known as Reply will also be able to inform everyone you know when you’re on vacation by automatically checking your calendar and informing your acquaintances when appropriate. Most importantly, Reply will have a do not disturb mode that silences your phone and tells everyone to politely piss off for the time being. Never fear, even when you’re in do not disturb mode and receive a super important message like “your Domino’s pizza is on the way” Reply has a way of getting your attention even when your phone is silent.

First Gmail, now texting. Is it possible that “Google Mouth” is just around the corner? You know, a Google mouthpiece that talks for you with your choice of any celebrity voice for only an additional $9.99 a month. Doesn’t sound that crazy anymore, now does it?

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