Adult Entertainer Shares Her Genius Response To Unsolicited Photos Of A Penile Nature

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There may never come a time when women don’t receive unsolicited photos of penises. In cavemen times, early man probably drew his penis on walls so women would have to look at them on the way to the fire pit. Technology has only made it easier for the sort of creeps who do this to do it to more people. But, technology has also provided us all with a means of hitting back at harassers.

Ginger Banks is an adult entertainer with a pretty active social media presence. She has lots of followers, and a lot of those followers are there because Banks is pretty sexy. She probably wouldn’t mind me saying that, and I am doing so in the most respectful way possible, I swear!

Pool party in my @wickedweasel bikini ???

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Unfortunately, some of those followers seem to conflate being sexy with being open to all propositions. It’s hard enough to get guys to respect you when you’re just a woman walking through the grocery store or something, but because Banks works in adult entertainment, she gets far more harassment than most.

She seems to take it pretty much in stride, but even Banks has reached her limit for these photos of genitalia she never asked for. And she has come up with the perfect response. On Twitter, she shared exactly what she does to every guy who sends her a photo of a penis without an invitation:

That’s a double whammy: tell him he has the penis of a minor, and then threaten him with child pornography prosecution. Does that seem too harsh? Keep in mind that Banks is saying this is her “new response” to the situation, which implies she’s been dealing with it for a long, long time.

In fact, the whole world has strategies, which they shared with Banks:

Look at all the effort we go to just to discourage perverts from making us look at their junk. There should just be a hotline where these dudes can send their ding-dongs and then a bot replies, “Nice one, big boy!” They can go to bed happy and leave everyone else alone.