People Are Livid With Gigi Hadid For Promoting McDonald’s During Coachella

When you live your life with millions of people watching, every move you make can become the point of judgment and gossip. This is why the rich and famous have to be careful about which products/companies they choose to support. Model Gigi Hadid, for instance, is currently getting slammed for a sponsored Instagram post she did with McDonald’s.

Gigi Hadid was among the many celebrities who attended Coachella last weekend.

In between watching live music, the model shared a sponsored Instagram post in which she munched down on some McDonald’s fries.

Her caption reads: “pre festival with @mcdonalds yesterday❣️fed & hydrated, thanks friends ! ????????✨”

And while some commenters were in love with the post that gained over 2 million likes, others weren’t too happy to see Gigi supporting a company that “leads to obesity.”

One comment which has been liked over 2,800 times reads, “I really do not understand why you would promote McDonald’s.”

McDonald’s has yet to respond to the negative comments on Gigi’s post, but according to Politico the company is working to become a more “modern, progressive” burger chain.

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We have singing in the drive-thru in common: Michael & Jon. A drag queen and an aspiring musician with more in common than we think. • Michael, 28 When you are a drag queen on the go, there isn’t always time to sit and enjoy a meal. Thank goodness that the McDonald's drive-thru is always readily available, whether it’s before or after a late-night gig. I have many great memories of driving through McDonald's with a car full of drag queens after a show. One time, I remember singing with the guy who was working the McDonald's drive-thru! I am very grateful to McDonald's for keeping drag queens fed all over the world! • Jon, 21 Anytime I’m in the car, especially while on my way to McDonald’s, I’m always playing music on the radio. It’s what helps me enjoy the ride. One time, I went through the drive-thru and I had my music on full blast and one of the workers started singing along with me. It was an awesome moment that I’ll always remember.

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