Genius Guy Texts Wrong Number About His D*ck, Immediately Regrets It

There’s a pretty simple rule of thumb when it comes to communication in the modern era. If it’s about your genitals, maybe don’t do it. Or, at the very least, triple check every single aspect of your message before you decide to hit ‘send.’

That’s just about what happened to poor Michael when he decided to confront a woman named ‘Crystal’ about her telling every Tom, Dick (heh), and Harry about his “little Michael.” Unfortunately for Michael, he text the wrong number and it shortly went viral.

Right off the bat, you know this conversation isn’t going anywhere great.

It has to be mentioned though, good on this Laura for trying to be a friend and helping Michael quash these tiny member allegations.

This is true. The entire world finding out that Michael has a baby cock would be mortifying.

She’s already setting him up like Lucy about to move Charlie Brown’s football at the last second.

Aaaand here’s the kicker.

After softening (heh) him up with some sliver-linings, she reveals that she’s not the real Crystal and that Michael’s baby penis woes are likely to continue. Especially after “iwasdoingfinelurking” uploaded it on Imgur for all the world to see.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Michael in this time.

h/t: brobible